Monday, October 25, 2010

Repair parts for Casablanca Inteli-Touch 3 system, W-85

Casablanca W-85
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Casablanca's Inteli-Touch 3 system uses the W-85 wall control. W-85 wall controls will operate both single circuit and 3-way wiring situations.

The W-85 is the replacement part for all W-11, W-12, W-32, and W-31 Inteli-Touch wall controls. To convert to the new system, you will also need a new circuit board and conversion plug (*note the BFR is not used with IT3). Fan Man Lighting has created conversion kits for each series of Inteli-Touch ceiling fan. Inteli-Touch Diagnostic/Troubleshooting.

Questions? Call us with your model and serial number 952-898-2754 or 952-683-9450

Protect your ceiling fan controls from excessive transient voltages with a Varistor.

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  2. My RMM V had a Varistor but the circuit board still went bad. What exactly does the Varistor protect again (what is excessive transient voltage). Do I need I need to put the Varistor in myself or will it be shipped with it?


    1. Hello Ziyadah,

      The surge protector will protect against voltage spikes or surges. Changing a light bulb with power on, or a light bub burning out, may affect the circuit board even with a surge protector wired in.

      Surge protectors are sold as an add-on component for older model fans.

      Call us with any questions.

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  3. That is a sign of substandard design. Had 3 of these so-called controllers blow up. No excuse for this in 21st century. And yes, I am an electrical engineer and yes I design electronic systems.

  4. after installing a w-84 according to directions the unit worked, but then began to smoke when I was changing fan speeds and dimmer control. I promptly turned off the breaker. I checked all my connections.
    The only thing I can think is that the two black leads were switched. The "in from ac power was to go to the black lead with a white stripe.Help...

  5. Thanks you very much for sharing these links. Will definitely check this out.. ac repair services

  6. My fan will only run on high. I can hear it time but runs on high or off.
    I am able to reverse the direction.
    Model# C5S65T

  7. I would guess the circuit board is out. So the surrender protector and new board it's most likely what I need.
    Please contact me so I can repair it.

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  9. you would think in this day and age a reasonable priced conversion would be produced and work as good or better than casablanca original intelli-touch units. I have six of them and keeping up with these versions is a night mare and very expensive!