Saturday, May 16, 2015

Casablanca's "New Platform" or "Universal Remote" system.

Casablanca K0223-01
Casablanca 99020
Most Casablanca Fans from 2013 on Utilize this New System. If Your Fan Model Begins With the Number "5" eg: 5xxxx, This is the Correct System.

Wall control:  K022301000 (K0223-01) 

Hand Held control: 99020

Receiver: K021906000 (K0219-06) If Your Fan Remote System is Acting Up eg: Fan Speed Problems or Light Problems This is Usually the Failure Point, More So than the Transmitter.

Call us with any troubleshooting questions. 952-898-2754

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Monday, January 14, 2013

Casablanca Inteli-Touch 3 Conversion kits

Casablanca G265802000
Casablanca has discontinued parts for all W-11/12 and W-32 Inteli-Touch control systems.

The kits listed below provide everything needed to convert older Casablanca Inteli-Touch ceiling fans to the new Inteli-Touch 3 system. Follow the links to our main website, or call the store with any questions.

Inteli-Touch 3 conversion kits.

Kits include circuit board, wall control(optional hand held remote), and conversion plugs.

G265802000 For most Casablanca Inteli-Touch Fans 1987 & newer including Panama(12XXXT & 66XXT), Victorian(2XXXT & 63XXT) and many other models. Kit includes: 8880602000 circuit board, W-85 wall control and 7731901000 conversion plug.

G265803000 For Casablanca Inteli-Touch fans Stealth(32XXT), Bel Air(38XXT), and Venus(24XXT) models. Kit includes: 8907101000 circuit board, W-85 wall control and 7731901000 conversion plug.

G265805000 For Casablanca Inteli-Touch fans Mission(970XXT), Cathay(98XXT), and Nouvelle(96XXT) models. Kit includes: 8880603000 circuit board, W-85 wall control, and 7731901000 conversion plug.

P-RMMKIT3O For Casablanca Inteli-Touch fans 1986 & Older including Zephyr(1XXXT), Older Panama, 4 Seasons, and Victorian models. Kit includes: 8880602000 circuit board, W-85 wall control and  P-FM2011-3 and
P-FM2011-2 conversion plugs.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

GF516A G9374 Minka Aire glass diffuser replacement
Fan Man Lighting stocks replacement glass diffusers for Minka Aire ceiling fans. Visit us at or give us a call.

Minka Aire glass replacement diffusers:

GF516 Or GF516A Glass replacement for Concept I and Concept II models. F516, F517, F518, F519.

G9374 Glass replacement for Supra 44" fans and K9374L light kits. Ceiling fan models: F563-SP in all colors.

Listed above are the two most common Minka Aire glass diffusers. For more options click: Minka Aire glass and parts or give us a call

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Repair parts for Casablanca Inteli-Touch 3 system, W-85

Casablanca W-85
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Casablanca's Inteli-Touch 3 system uses the W-85 wall control. W-85 wall controls will operate both single circuit and 3-way wiring situations.

The W-85 is the replacement part for all W-11, W-12, W-32, and W-31 Inteli-Touch wall controls. To convert to the new system, you will also need a new circuit board and conversion plug (*note the BFR is not used with IT3). Fan Man Lighting has created conversion kits for each series of Inteli-Touch ceiling fan. Inteli-Touch Diagnostic/Troubleshooting.

Questions? Call us 952-898-2754 or 1-866-600-FANS(3267)

Protect your ceiling fan controls from excessive transient voltages with a Varistor.

These items and more available online

Monday, June 28, 2010

Ceiling Fan Troubleshooting / Diagnostic

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Many problem issues associated with Ceiling Fans can be attributed to the installation, and are easily corrected. Below is a general overview of the more common things missed, or done improperly when installing a Ceiling Fan. If you have more specific questions about the operation of any ceiling fan. Please contact us 952-898-2754 or 1-866-60-FANS(3267). With over 20 years of experience in Ceiling Fans and Home Lighting. "Our knowledge is Free!"

Other helpful information: Ceiling Fan Facts, Casablanca Intelli Touch Diagnostic, Casablanca Flywheel Repair, UC7067RC universal remote receiver.


Motor size is the key to quality. Over time, it is not uncommon for smaller motors to develop sounds that are unrepairable. Below are a few tips that may help determine if that is the case.
Switching: The use of a dimmer or rheostat wall control on the motor will cause any ceiling fan to "Hum". Ceiling Fan motors need to be run from a switch that has set speeds. SW95 or SW90 are switches that will work with most brands.
Mounting: Anything not tightened properly may result in amplifying any sounds the ceiling fan might make. Make sure all screws and light fixture glass are tight. Electrical box, down rod set screws, blade assemblies etc.

It is considered "Normal" to have a small bit of motion in any Ceiling Fan running on high speed. Blade balancing kits included with most ceiling fans, can reduce or eliminate this type of motion. Below are a few tips if the ceiling fan wobbles excessively. The easiest test for loose or poor mounting; Give the bottom of the ceiling fan a light push with your finger. On stem mount fans it should come back to center and stop. If the fan keeps moving, follow these tips for excessive motion.
Mounting: The electrical box in the ceiling needs to be metal, and securely mounted to a joist or brace kit. The mounting bracket from the ceiling fan must be tight to the electrical box.
Down rod or Stem: On ceiling fans with a down rod or stem. Make sure the groove on the ball at the top of the stem is aligned with the notch on the mounting bracket. There are usually multiple set screws to tighten at the ball and where the stem mounts into the top of the ceiling fan.
Blades: Ceiling Fan blades are matched sets, weighted within a gram of each other. Loose or warped blades can be a cause of wobble. Make sure all screws holding the blades to the irons, and the blade assembly to the motor a tightened properly. To determine if you have a warped blade or bent blade iron: Use a ruler to measure from the tip of the blade to the ceiling. Let the blades pass by the ruler to see if one or more is higher or lower than the rest. There can be a slight difference in height that will not cause any wobble issues.

Ceiling Fans that stop working, or fail to operate when first installed may need check a few basic things first.
Wiring: Make sure there is power to the ceiling fan and the wall switch is in the "On" position. Follow the wiring instructions included with the fan and double check connections.
Switch housing: The switch housing is the bottom portion of the ceiling fan where the light is attached. Move reverse switch to one side or the other (stuck in the middle makes fan inoperable). Make sure any plug connections are properly inserted. Check either side of plug connections for any wires that are loose or pushed out of the plug.
Wall Switch: When using a wall switch make sure the pull chain on the motor is set to the highest speed.
Smell or Odor: Ceiling fans that give off a bad smell, typically need a new capacitor. Call us for identification
Remote systems: Make sure the receiver and transmitter are set to the same frequency, and wired according to the instructions. For receiver replacement, most ceiling fans use a receiver with the model number UC7067RC.

The above is a general overview of the more common things missed, or done improperly when installing a Ceiling Fan. If you have more specific questions about the operation of any ceiling fan. Please contact us 952-898-2754 or 1-866-600-FANS(3267). Visit our main website

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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Midway Eco Ceiling Fan from Emerson CF955

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My partner and myself have been selling ceiling fans and home lighting for the past 25 years. We've seen a lot of new introductions, and new technology along the way. Rarely, however, does something come along that really commands your attention like the "ECO" fan from Emerson.

Ceiling fans by their very nature are energy saving appliances for the home. They circulate heated air in the winter, and make for a more comfortable home without turning up the thermostat. In summer they reduce our need for expensive air conditioning. Some are deemed to be "Energy Star" rated, which merely means they have been tested to certain levels of efficiency. This new introduction, however, goes way beyond anything offered in the past.

If you want to increase your comfort level with almost no electrical cost, and be a leader in the "green" community...look no further than the "Midway Eco" Fan.

The engineers at Emerson have developed a fan and light combination that is nearly 300% more efficient than any other "Energy Star" fan. The motor is truly unique, and the blades have an all new airfoil design that surpasses all other blade configurations. Furthermore, the fan is designed into a housing that is clean and contemporary, being the perfect compliment to most home decors.

The CF955 ceiling fan features a built in light that utilizes 4-13 watt compact fluorescent bulbs. The fan motor itself consumes only 24 watts of electricity to move over 6900 cubic feet of air a minute on the highest setting.

The CF955 ceiling fan also features a built in remote control system, which has to be added at additional cost on most fans.

This attractive and extremely efficient ceiling fan is being sold for $419.00 (no one sells this ceiling fan for less! ) by Fan Man Lighting, and includes free shipping , right to your door.

◆ Most Efficient Fan on the Market*
◆ Energy Star Rated
◆ High Efficiency EcoMotor
◆ 54" blade span
◆ Patented High Efficiency Airfoil Blades
◆ Reversing Full-Function Remote Control Included
◆ 4.5" downrod included
◆ Light Kit Uses four 13 watt Fluorescent Bulbs (included)
◆ Only 24 Watts of Energy Usage
◆ Limited lifetime motor warranty
* Top Energy Star certified performance as of October, 2008

The Fan Man Lighting Team

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ceiling Fan Shopping / Buying Tips

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If you have never purchased a ceiling fan, or if you have, and are not happy with the performance. Here are some helpful tips on choosing the best ceiling fan for your application.

Name Brand: Every company has a range of quality within their offerings. Even the most famous brands like Casablanca, Hunter, Emerson, and MinkaAire offer something in a lower quality to be competitive.

Big Box Stores: Hampton Bay is the private label name for Home Depot. Harbor Breeze is the private label name for Lowe's. Turn of the Century for Menards. It can be very difficult to find parts for or troubleshoot these "House Brands".

Blade size: 52" diameter is best for most areas. Longer blades will "Soften" the airflow making it more comfortable. Shorter blades spin faster, with a more direct airflow.

Motor Size: Motor is the real difference in ceiling fans today. Select the motor that is best for your application, based on what you are expecting from the fan. Larger or higher quality motors will move more air and run quieter over time than smaller motors. Ceiling Fans 101

Color or Finish: Most ceiling fans are offered in numerous colors and designs. Oil Rubbed Bronze is the most popular today, with Brushed Nickel a close second. White is best for areas you want the fan to be less of a focal point.

Best values offered: The best value in a Direct Drive motor is the Supra series from Minka Aire. F568 (52") and F563 (44"). The best value in a Stack motor is the Apollo CF3900 model from Emerson.

The above is an overview of the basics when shopping for a ceiling fan. If you have more specific questions, or would like help in making your selection, please contact us.


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